Dan Barbosu

February 6, 2024

Aventics cylinders

Aventics RTC-DA cylinder

Offers an optimized stroke length in a compact size, saving space.  The oval piston enables higher loads and torque, minimal leakage and a wide range of speeds for a better flexibility. The slide and piston as a single unit offers high load capacity and reliability. For more informations follow the link.

Aventics PRA MNR

Is a classical solutions for most applications including the heavy ones encountered in industries. It is lightweight and efficient. It also equipped with an adjustable pneumatic cushioning which reduces vibration and noise. The piston rod is made with 431 stainless steel which gives a higher resistance to corrosion. 
It is compatible with a range of accessories for the PRA series. In the laboratory the cylinder is anchored to the table using the CM1-MS1-050-M2-A foot mounting. Further informations can be found by following the link. The laboratory has 4 of these with different sizes: 
    - 40mm rod diameter, 500mm cylinder length
    - 63mm rod diameter, 320mm cylinder length
    - 50mm rod diameter, 320mm cylinder length
    - 63mm rod diameter, 500mm cylinder length
January 29, 2024


Research in the field of pneumatics is not always easy, but it is certainly rewarding. We, the UPBAIR team, employ a Powerful Industrial Computer (IPC) from Emerson, the RXi2-LP model, to streamline the data collection and analysis process resulting from experiments conducted in the laboratory.

From a hardware perspective, the RXi2-LP IPC boasts a stable and robust configuration. The proverbial brain of this dedicated Mini PC for industrial activities is an Intel Quad Core Processor clocked at 1.2GHz, paired with a modest 8 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM. The connectivity is also impressive, featuring not only 4 USB ports but also 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. These, combined with speedy SSD storage, prove invaluable in research projects. For more informations about the product you can follow the following link.

In our laboratory, we opted to replace the default operating system (Windows 10) of the compact yet powerful “data-consuming” system with Linux, specifically the Ubuntu variant. We chose this option primarily for its stability, as in this field, Ubuntu surpasses any version of Windows.

January 29, 2024

AVENTICS™ Series AS2 Air Preparation Units

In the following, our team will present how an AVENTICS™ Series AS2 Air Preparation Unit works, what components our team possess, how we use and the way we have installed them.

In the pictures underneath one can see the parts that together build our air preparation unit.

You can find the general brochure that includes all the general information about the unit here.

It contains a multitude of different pieces and sets that Emerson makes and in the next part, the UPBAir team will present its equipment.

AVENTICS™ Series AF2 flow rate sensor, IO-Link R412027176

The first such component we will present is the AVENTICS™ Series AF2 flow rate sensor, IO-Link R412027176. A flow meter (or a flow sensor) is type of flow instrument that is used to indicate the amount of liquid, gas, or vapor moving through a pipe or conduit by measuring linear, non-linear, mass, or volumetric flow rates. The way it can be assembled can be found here, while the instructions here.

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