February 19, 2024

SPL Team building in Business and Engineering

On February 10th, the Smart Pneumatics Lab team experienced a highly productive day. In the morning session, as part of an inspiring workshop hosted by the Open4Business NGO, our team members embarked on an engaging journey towards innovative entrepreneurship. Guided by Ramona Cantaragiu, the facilitator of this unique experience, we delved into pertinent inquiries commonly faced by individuals considering entry into the entrepreneurial sphere (“How does one become an entrepreneur?”, “What strategies are employed in industry analysis?”, “How can funding be secured?”, etc.). After a two hours break, the workshop transitioned into a Q&A session and an interactive “game” involving the simulation of constructing a business plan. Through active participation, we gleaned valuable insights from instructional sessions and discussions, aiding in the clarification of our vision and the formulation of our developmental strategies.

Following that, we closely followed the presentation of the outline of a scientific article by our colleague, Niculescu Cosmin, under the mentorship of SPL Director, Mihalache Ghinea. This endeavor equipped each team member with foundational knowledge and the confidence necessary to embark on similar projects.

In conclusion, our engagement in both activities proved transformative, equipping us with the tools and wisdom essential for the pursuit of our entrepreneurial and engineering ambitions in the future.…

January 24, 2024

New Recruits

To introduce the new recruits to the world of engineering and the activities of SPL, they were assigned an interesting task aimed at enriching their knowledge in the field of pneumatics. The team leader, Bogdan Rosca, provided them with challenging topics to be addressed in the form of scientific articles. These topics included energy efficiency in pneumatic systems, safety in pneumatic systems, vibration control in pneumatic systems, and pneumatic control systems. Additionally, they were required to deliver an oral presentation demonstrating their thorough understanding of the chosen topic based on their research. Each recruit received valuable advice from the laboratory director, Mihalache Ghinea. The event proved to be beneficial for the team’s development, and its members, and we will certainly organize such meetings again in the future.…

May 7, 2022

2021-2022 Season


Ioana Florentina Dunca
Dan Florentin Angelescu
David Paul Holociuc
Vlad Andrei Hasciar
Alexandra Gabriela Fecher
Armand Theodor Despinoiu


The 2022 project coincided with the start of the development of the smart pneumatics IIoT experimental stand. In the desire to develop an engine with improved performance, the study of the behavior of pneumatic cylinders and gas consumption was considered absolutely necessary. In the next phase, the experimental stand will be equipped with a mechanical loading system for the pneumatic engine, so as to simulate all frictions and variations in additional weights.



This year’s edition was a jubilant one, marking 15 years of Pneumobile. The new organizer, Emerson, decided that for the first time the competition would not be held in Eger, so the teams competed for the first time on the circuit in Kecskemet, near Budapest. 20 teams were invited but for various reasons only 11 were present. The team from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest was the only representative of Romania at this crossroads edition. Representatives of the Emerson company promised a complete change of the competition for future editions, with its organization in multiple European cities.

May 9, 2021

2020-2021 Season – Online Edition


Mihai Agud (PhD) – Team Leader
Preoteasa Mihail
Agud Mark
Nita Florin
Constantinescu Victor


As the pandemic was still present in Europe, the organizers considered it impossible to physically organize the competition in Eger. As a compromise solution, it was proposed to organize an online edition, with special trials held at the participating universities. Films were then made of these trials and sent to the competition jury in September 2021. The circuit was built in the UPB courtyard, near the Aula, and was smoothly covered by the new team driver, Victor Constantinescu.


For this edition, the team built a new prototype, complying with the new regulations that imposed the development of prototypes with only 4 wheels. The PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) RSTi-EP CPE115 Standalone Controller was used for the first time for electronic control. There were some problems related to programming this PAC, but on the filming day the car performed impeccably.

May 30, 2020

2019-2020 Season

Due to the pandemic, that year’s edition was suspended. Although many teams worked on improving their prototypes, much of the enthusiasm of both students and organizers was lost. The company Aventics was bought by the American company Emerson, whose management made it clear that there would not be the same enthusiasm around the previously popular competition.
May 30, 2019

2018-2019 Season


Mihai Agud (PhD) – Team Leader
Dedinoiu Maria Ioana (Graduate)
Ungureanu Liviu (Graduate)
Stanciu Bianca (Undergrad)
Macovei Dragos (Undergrad)
Marin Flavius (Undergrad)


Compressed-air-powered vehicles – known as “pneumobiles” – designed and created by engineering students are competing at the annual event. The vehicles, which are based on Emerson’s AVENTICSTM pneumatics components, are tested for endurance, manoeuvrability and speed. This competition further demonstrates Emerson’s long-standing commitment to STEM programs that support the future workforce, including supporting over 350 academic institutions globally.


This year’s project had the largest number of UPB students participating (14 of which 9 made the trip to Eger). This meant that the competition had become more attractive and was drawing more students towards applied engineering. With a new, more aerodynamic design, the prototype achieved the best results so far (4.3 km covered with a single cylinder and 34 km/h). In addition to the main team, Mercouffer Eduard Mihai, Preoteasa Mihail, and Barbu Andrei also participated as supporters.

May 30, 2018

2017-2018 Season


Mihai Ghinea – Associate professor, PhD
     He is not just “the coach”, but the permanent interface between the needs of our team and officials, industries, sponsors, organizers etc

Dragos Chereches – 3rd year Bachelor student
     New entry in UPBAIR team

Daniel-Robert Stanciu – 4th year Bachelor student
     He is our chief mechanic, good at all and good friend of everybody. He is responsible with the protorype functionality, with the tools, our computer and our strategy

Bogdan Mihai Zbircea – 3rd year Bachelor student
     New entry in UPBAIR team

Liviu Ungureanu – 4th year Bachelor student
     He is our second mechanic, agood biker, and he will be our fast driver


Even the organizers themselves were surprised by the interest in the first race. Most of the participating teams brought very simple vehicles built of many bicycle parts and only a few of them used elector-pneumatic units. However, some interesting and smart designs popped up, such as the wheel-integrated drive.
So today’s pneumobiles are equipped with dual brake systems, massive framework four-point safety belts among others and only sit-in constructions are allowed, where the frame structure surrounds and protect the pilot all around.


The new UPBAIR project in 2018 introduced electronic control of the pneumatic equipment for the first time. The new members Dragos and Bogdan complemented the more experienced Liviu and Robert well. The new issues that arose did not greatly decrease the results of the previous participation, but certainly brought added experience to the team.

May 30, 2017

2016-2017 Season


The supporting instructor: Mr. GHINEA Mihai

Mr. AGUD Mihai – team leader

Mr. HAJDEU Vasile – team member

Mr. STANCIU Robert-Daniel – team member

Mrs. NICA Loredana-Ioana – team member


The story of the Pneumobile started in 2008 when the ancestors of Aventics Hungary Kft., named Bosch Rexroth Pneumatika Kft. and Bosch Rexroth Kft. organized the first competition. Back then, it was located at the factory’s park in Eger.

Inventors of the competition Ferenc Bolyki, Richárd Fülep, Endre Tamás, József Avar and László Szabó are engineers working at the firms mentioned above. They wanted to create a technical event where future engineers have the opportunity to inspect the mysteries of pneumatics and get acquainted with alternative applications of the products made in Eger. This is how the idea of the Pneumobile competition was born.

 In 2008, 18 teams from 12 Hungarian universities entered the competition. 16 teams managed to build a working vehicle, the best of them were the engineers from the University of Debrecen. Teams from the College of Kecskemét, University of Miskolc, University of West Hungary, Szent István University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Budapest College of Technology made it to the podium.


The first participation of the UPBAIR team from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest meant the only pure pneumatic engine prototype at the competition. It was a success, the team ranking in the top half of all three competitions. With a modest budget but ambition and hard work, the four members of the team managed to attract the sympathy of everyone, and with their prototype having a design inspired by the ancient Roman battle chariots, they brought a pleasant uniqueness to the competition.

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