Pneumatics IIoT

Testing equipment and researching pneumatic systems

Industry 4.0 IIoT

The laboratory is equipped with high precision sensors transmitting data to a central server. By using open source software tools like NodeRED and Grafana, we can see how an entire system functions in real world environments.

Open source software helps us transform data into information we can analyze and make new discoveries about our world.

Digital control is the back bone of the 21st century industrial system. PLCs command everything, while an EDGE computer processes data

To avoid a mess of tubes, islands of DISTRIBUTORS are being used to connect elements in the system.

SENSORS collect data from everything in the system. From the compressor to the loads on the actuators. 

Predictive maintenance with IOTIA

IOTIA is a Romanian Predictive Maintenance application made by Impromedia. It uses advanced AI algorithms to predict when a mechanical part is about to fail from an abundance of data from sensors.

We can wire up with sensors mechanical systems to see how fatigue failure affects them over time.

Research and Developments


AVENTICS™ Series AV03 Valve Series

This SYSTEM of valves is an amazing way to control pneumatic actuators in a system. It is an elegant and flexible way to add a lot of distribution valves while minimising the space used and decreasing the complexity of air

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Introduction to Grafana

It is used to graph and monitor the data stored in InfluxDB.  Basic graphing data In the dashboard, click on the top bar of a graph and select edit.  In the lower half of the screen there will be an

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Introduction to Node-RED

Node-RED is a visual programming tool that allows users to create and connect hardware devices, APIs, and online services. It uses a web-based flow editor to drag and drop nodes, which represent different functionality, to create automated workflows. It simplifies

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